Screen Capture Software Review – Jing Project by TechSmith

On occasion, when working online you need to grab an image of something on your screen. This includes pretty much anything from an image, a funny email or an error message.

In the general, the tedious process of grabbing a screen shot (not something everyone knows how to do in the first place) copying it into a program for cropping and/or resizing (another skill not everyone possesses), saving it and sending it off is not always wort the effort!

What’s the alternative?

**Jing Screen Capture Software**

Jing Project (or just “Jing”) is an incredibly lightweight screen capture software tool designed to simplify the process of saving and sharing the things that happen on your computer screen. The basic version is available for free at

Installing Jing creates a little yellow sun icon on the edge of your screen that waits there until you need it – honestly, you’ll probably forget it’s there until you want to use it for something. To use Jing, just place your mouse over the sun icon and choose from the options that appear (Capture, History and “More”).

Clicking “capture” will allow you to select the area of your screen you want by clicking and dragging. Then it’s a simple matter of selecting whether you want an image or a video.

**Image Screen Capture**

Click and drag your mouse across the screen to select the area you want to capture. Double clicking a window on your screen automatically selects just that window. Once the selection is made, you’ll get a preview of the image you’re about to create.

Editing the image in Jing is easy as well, adding arrows and boxes – as well as captions and highlighting, can all be done before the image is saved. Once your image is good to go, all you have to do is save and share it.

Jing offers a multitude of sharing options. With a single click you can post your image to Facebook, twitter or Flickr! You can also copy the image to paste elsewhere, or upload it to an FTP server just as easily.

Basically, Jing makes it easy to quickly take any portion of your computer screen and move it to wherever you might need it.

**Video Screen Capture**

If an image is worth a thousand words, video has to be pretty valuable too… which is why Jing makes it just as easy to record video of the action on your screen as it is to capture an image.

After selecting the capture area, simply click the video button and start recording! You’ll be able to record whatever happens on your screen for up to five minutes – but you can make multiples recordings if you need to. The recording can be paused while you move between windows or prepare your presentation, and then saved in.swf format when it’s complete.

To easily share the video with others, there is a single click button to upload the video to – on of Jing’s sister products from TechSmith. Videos can also be edited in Camtasia (also from TechSmith) with a single click.

Jing Pro edition screen capture software unlocks additional features to allow for even more sharing options, and the option to record videos as.mp4 files, rather than.swf – making them more accessible to other viewing and editing programs, but for most users the basic free version is enough to save a TON of time.

The Worth of Best Video Editing Software on Life’s Special Events

Getting special events of your life in a video can provide you with a lot of benefits. First of all, it captures the special moments which cannot happen again. Having it on video helps you keep the special memories and look at it over and over as long as you want. You can even make a lot of copies out of it so that you can give them to the people involved in the video for them to enjoy watching too. That is why you must have the best video editing software so that you can make videos as long as you want and you will not be able to miss special occasions in your life.

One of the special events that you can create videos from is the special gathering in your family which happens only once a year. A reunion is an event that occurs sometimes once in a year where majority of the family members get together to relive family ties. Now is your time to capture everything on video and use your free video editing software to make some special sound effects or theme songs to make it even more memorable. Through this, even after the reunion, you can still have a remembrance of the happy moments which you have shared with your family.

Another event that you would not miss taking your video is the wedding celebration of a best friend wherein you are part of the entourage. Your friend is going through another chapter of life which is committing to a partner in life. It would be best if you take a video of the whole celebration and utilize your video editing software to place some personal touches to it in order to make it even more touching and unforgettable. You can give a copy to your friend and to other people who joined the wedding so that they will be able to feel that they become a part of the life of somebody.

Moreover, you can take and capture the development of your children starting from the day they were born until he or she makes the first steps and even the time when you spend your first Christmas together. These moments are so special for you and your kid that you would surely love to view it all over again. As time goes by, you will realize how much your child has grown and it is such a good thing that you were able to keep fond memories of childhood.

Lastly, if it has already become your hobby of taking videos of different kinds of things and events then video editing software in your computer is a must. This kind of software will be able to help you organize your videos and personalize them as long as you want. You can create different designs and widen your imagination on your video designs.

Having free video editing software in your computer aids you to keep and have a copy of the special events in your life. These events are worth treasuring and remembering and even if you will view it for a lot of times, you will surely never grow tired of watching it.

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