All About Video Editing Software

Video editing software enables you to relive and enjoy your special moments caught on video and to share them with your family and friends. By using the latest in digital video technology, desktop video editing has become both simple to perform and popular. You can focus on the essence of your home videos and create a compelling and emotional story.

There are many video editing software packages available for editing video on your personal computer. PC and Apple computers have low- end software that comes with their machines, pre installed with basic tools to capture and edit video footage. You can edit the video footage and play it back to tape or display the finished movie on your computer screen.

You will need a video capture card to transfer videos between your computer and camcorder or VCR. A video capture card should carry either analog or DV in/out, to digitize the video onto your hard drive. Most of the video captures cards are bundled with video editing software so you don’t really need to buy software separately. More professional software can cost as much as $2000 and includes features such as high quality editing tools with a more powerful interface.

The capture process will create AVI on the PC or MOV on the Mac files on your hard disk. Once all your footage is on your machine, select the parts to use. Once you gain some experience and learn more about video editing, you can then consider upgrading to one of the higher priced video editing software packages.