Diamond One Touch Audio & Video Capture USB 2.0

The Diamond One Touch Video Capture has USB 2.0 connectivity and is not hard to install. You plug it up, and it works. With this device also comes software like Movie Maker but is definitely better. It is not required that you must use this software.

To convert old source mediums the basic software, and driver is enough to accomplish that. From the beginning I chose the Diamond One Touch Video Capture because of the low entry price point. I would not say I have been let down yet.

This does work with 32-bit Windows Vista. The video capturing with S-Video works within reasonable limits, and the audio sync is spot on. If you have 64-bit Vista you can download drivers from Diamonds web page to get it functioning properly.

It does a great job with live video, there is no lag to it. You can put live television and watch any live source with zero lag. The unit overall is much better than any audio video capturing device that you will find on your local retailer shelf.

Now if anybody does notice any amount of lag while using this, the device does seem to be a bit processor happy. So if you are noticing anything less than best quality with the frame rate and synchronization try exiting your programs and this should help in clearing things up.

There may be better units out there, but this is very cheap compared to a lot and if you are expecting some higher end settings to use then you probably should be investigating something that cost a lot more.