Easy Video Capture From Any Computer Screen

As a system administrator of a medium sized corporation, I am responsible for configuring the systems of over 200 employees. Often, this involves configuring BIOS settings and other system configurations. In many cases, these configurations can be performed by the user of the computer themselves. Thus, in order to save me the hassle of individually going to each user’s computer, I decided to create a few quick video tutorials to guide the user through configuring the BIOS of the system.

I soon ran into the problem of video capture from a BIOS screen. How can I record a video when it is impossible to install video capture software on the computer that will do it for me? I set out to search for a device that can record the DVI signal from my computer screen. After trying several analog video capture devices, I was not pleased with the quality that the recordings resulted in.

After testing a few more capture cards such as those offered by Hauppauge or Pinnacle, I stumbled upon the DVI2USB. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the DVI2USB promised to perform video capture at the original quality and resolution and resolution of the source signal from both VGA and DVI sources. After connecting the device to the source signal on one end and my laptop on the other, I was able to use the DVI2USB with VGA and DVI signals and record at native resolution as promised. The included software is not feature-rich and didn’t suit my needs for video annotation. However, the DVI2USB registers as a high resolution webcam, so I was able to use a wide variety of other software such as Adobe Premiere. The result was a high quality HD video that I was able to send internally to all employees that needed help with their BIOS settings.

The DVI2USB is now a device that I use every time that I need to capture a screen of something where the PrintScreen button doesn’t do the trick, or if I need to record video. Setting up the device is very simple and quick, and its small size means that I can carry it around from computer to computer with ease.