Video Editing Software – MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 Review

Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus has a solid upgrade to version 14, with a slew of new features and extras. You still get a ton of slick effects, transitions, audio tracks and photo video editing options, but version 15 also includes the following upgrades:
* Multi-cam editing: Record and edit two video channels live and at the same time
* Smoother and simpler AVCHD video importing and editing
* Larger library of customizable 2D and 3D title effects
* New DVD and Blu-ray menu templates
* New proDAD Adorage video effects
* Improved color correction interface makes it easier to adjust color values in a snap
* Improved batch processing lets you select entire video folders to convert, instead of one at a time

Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus also has editing and publishing tools for amateurs and a good collection of editing tools for those familiar with more complex editing tasks, such as bluescreen edits, timeline and storyboard layout, multi-track editing and more.

Stand Out Features:
* Easily publishes to YouTube
* Compatible with portable devices like Sony PSPs, iPods and cell phones
* Includes iClone for 3D animation
* Supports up to 99 tracks
* Screen capturing feature for streaming video

Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus by Magix can import nearly all common video, audio and image file types. You can either drag and drop videos into the timeline, or use one of the many importing tools found throughout the program. In terms of video it can import AVI, DV-AVI, MPEG (1,2,4), MXV, MJPEG, Quicktime and HD WMV. It can also capture analog type files such as video from old VHS tapes or TV. If you would like to add an audio file or clip to your video you can import WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, MIDI, Dolby Digital Stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1 file types. It can also support JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TGA and more image file types and most scanner and digital camera formats.

Overall, Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus is on the right track. They pushed ahead of Sony’s Vegas Movie Studio with this new version, thanks to the improved interface and ever present depth of features. Even so, using this video editing software isn’t as easy on new users, but Movie Edit Pro 15 in fact is one of the most compatible with portable devices and high definition video editing and publishing software.

Easy Video Creation Software

Like most software, video creation software has gotten easier to use. But it can still be daunting as there are lots of things you can control or tweak with it. Not to mention terms like white balance and bit rates and video codecs and all sorts of other weird and wonderful terms.

Fortunately, for everyday use the out-of-the-box settings are fine. Mainly because software producers realise that we never read the manual or do anything much with the numerous settings they give us.

YouTube built-in software

YouTube allows you to record your webcam or a series of slides.

When you press the upload button, these options are on the upload screen.

That means that you don’t need any extra software at all – you just follow the on-screen prompts and you can produce your video.

This is a good option for beginners or if you want to do a talking head style video with your webcam. Since it doesn’t involve installing any extra software beyond what you’ve already got installed (your webcam will already have set itself up) it’s the easiest option.

Google Hangouts Software

This is also near enough built in to your computer.

It records your webcam in much the same way as YouTube does.

But it also adds the capability of capturing all of your screen or a section of it. Which means you can produce slide show videos by creating something in PowerPoint or screen capture videos just by browsing. Then use your microphone to control the narration side of things.

The only snag with using Hangouts is that it’s live. Which is good if you’re a confident presenter who doesn’t ever stumble, cough or say “err” too often. And less good if any of those apply.

Cheap or free software

Using cheap or even free software doesn’t mean you have to compromise very much.

Even programs like Jing (which is free) or Screencast-o-matic (free or cheap) do what you’d expect in that they capture your webcam or screen and your voice.

There’s less fine tuning available than on a more expensive software program but the majority of the time (or maybe even all of the time), they’ll do what you need.

The big plus point with cheap software is that you normally don’t have as much of a learning curve. There are exceptions – an audio program like Audacity is free but has at least as many features as software costing hundreds of dollars – but for video it seems to be that you get less features on the cheaper software.

That’s actually great news because it means you can concentrate on creating your video rather than learning which of seemingly a gazillion buttons to press on the software just to get it to record.

My recommendation

If you’re completely confident and are used to standing up in front of a room of people with a presentation, use YouTube or Hangouts.

They’re perfectly adequate except that it’s “one take” – much like the early days of television.

If you’re slightly nervous or want a bit more control, go with Screencast-o-matic.

Personally I find Jing a bit too low on the control and it’s interface isn’t as standard as I’d like. I don’t use it often enough to get the hang of the interface and I don’t like having to learn how to use a program every time I start it up.

Screencast-o-matic offers less features in the free version but, providing you’re happy with a small watermark on the finished video, is OK and gives you more than enough “play” time to find out how well you get on with it.

The paid version is still cheap – currently $15 per year – and works out much less than you’d pay just for upgrades to more expensive software.

It adds quite a lot of features and, in common with any feature creep software, most of those you’ll probably never use. Personally, I prefer to only “not use” 50% of the available features of a program than closer to 95% which is the case for myself and near enough everyone I’ve met with bigger software programs.

You can always upgrade later if you find that creating videos is something you want to do more often but my guess is that you’ll get away with free or cheap software for most if not all of your video creation.

What is the Best Video Capture Software

Nowadays it is practically impossible to imagine a person who has never held a camera in the hands. We use cameras everywhere and always. A camera is irreplaceable when you travel somewhere, visit friends, have a birthday. Cameras and video cameras help us to save the most pleasant moments in our life forever . Of course we save these moments in our minds, but there is always something that we forget. And just imagine what will happen when we become very old. Our memory will betray us at any rate. It is nature and we can’t avoid it.

And speaking about people who are crazy about video. They always carry their cameras with them and imprint everything. Now every person has a mobile phone and when sees something which is very eye-catching and impressive shoots it. Then tells his friend about this and in order to prove his words shows this small footage. For example, a traffic accident. Maybe it is not a very good example but it the most common. How often can you watch such footages on the Internet. I suppose, very often. There also exist special TV-shows in which they give you a prize for the best footage. Do you know such TV-programmes? Sometimes such footages can help to investigate the fact of this or that event. They can be very valuable for police. They can turn out to be very important evidence of crime for example in the court.

And such important events in human life as childbirth, wedding, christening, graduating from university etc. It is indisputable: we can’t live without cameras and video cameras.

Very often in the process of shooting some slips can happen. Outside noises, blurred pictures, little  brightness, strange people in picture and so on, or just free space on your memory card can run low. There is a great number of reasons for preventing from shooting properly.

But nowadays there exists a lot of different helpful devices which help you to improve the quality of all types of videos. And one of them is  free video editing software. A marvelous device by means of which you can do everything with your footages. Everything from cutting, inputting, brightening to total renewal of very old videos. My mum was shocked when I made a whole film from her old paper child’s photos. It is not a primitive movie maker in your PC! It is a marvelous to feel like a film director!