Video Capture Is Easy

Video capture is the process of transferring video from your camera to your computer. Not so long ago, moving video from camera to computer was not a cheap or easy process and required some very expensive equipment. Now, it’s almost automatic, plug and play connections and new software have made this process quite simple.

There are several video capture and editing software suites on the market, in different price ranges. Computers running Windows XP come with a basic video capture and editing program called Windows Movie Maker, which works just fine for capturing video.

I have two suites on my computer and they are Ulead VideoStudio10 Plus and Sony Vegas Plus V6.0. Which ever one you are using then open the program and plug in the camcorder using the firewire cable. Plugging in the camcorder will normally launch the appropriate video capture program on your computer certainly if you are running XP. Make sure your camera is set to ‘plaback’ mode.

Learn how to use you video capture and editing software and be familiar with it.Of course there is nothing like learning as you go and capturing video is really easy anyway. The software will control your camera so you can locate and copy the best of the video you shot into your computer. It’s really that easy. Give your video an appropriate project or file name and you’re ready to start editing.

One thing that you must decide at this stage is the file format to save the files in. DV-AVI will be the format of choice as it is the native format of the camcorder and there will be no loss of quality in the transfer. The downside is that the saved files will be large. Another decision to make is if you want the video and audio on the channel (DV1) or on separate channels (DV2)when the video clip is being edited on the time line of the editing software.

Once captured then we will be able to edit the video, as already mentioned, but that is another step for another day.

Depending on your digital camera, computer, and video editing software combination you may be able to capture your video footage directly into your video editing software as you’re shooting.

That’s a great idea for your first video or two because you can quickly replay and review the take on your computers large screen. Most XP computers with Windows Movie Maker will allow you to capture live video from a digital camera with a fire wire connection. Logitech webcams do this using a USB connection. Make sure that your firewire cable is long enough for ease of use.